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A thread explicitly made for fights between boardies. Like in a real war, nobody wins in a War Thread; its main purpose is to have fun, so no matter how powerful are the warriors; the idea is to kill (and to be killed) in creative and funny ways.

Here are some bits from Tchernobyl about War Threads:

" Most people don't know it, but I was the original creator of both the war and the party thread... Now, the party thread is self-explanatory (see the first one... best party thread EVER! ^-^).

" Now the war thread was just to duke it out, and have FUN.


" You're supposed to have fun. Be creative. Smack a few bitches here and there, then move on to the next enemy...while the first few stab you in the back.

" Go in the archives, and look up some of the older war threads. That is the type of stuff.

" I mean, Thomas Banana once summoned the Banana God.

" I destroyed the universe by summoning a concert of boy/girl bands and more, all singing 'heal the world'. In a war thread. Had shen not 'llanarken'ed me, the multiverse would've imploded.

" And more. Lots more. Creativity is the key, not what characteristics your characters have. Not abilities.

" Just how much fun you can have.

" Addendum. The way war thread works, is that the very first poster starts the battle. I think, my first war thread was flinging an axe at somebody's head...

" Anyway, from then on, the subsequent posters ADAPT to the situation, and go along with it... while adding their own touch. But not changing the whole thread. Of course, there's multiple battles, and one will not nescessarily affect the other, unless the scale of the attack (such as several people have done in the past) is such that it affects most, if not everyone around, unless they're on the other side of the planet :P

" As an example, here are the first two party threads. I can't seem to find the first war threads, for some reason, but the party threads are a better example of what I meant earlier in this post.



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