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Name: Jon Weathers
Age: 34
Height: 5' 11"
Nationality: American
Occupation: Psychic detective

Jonathan Dewey Weathers was born in a reality where approximately 2% of the population has the genetic ability to manipulate mental energy - such people are formally known as 'psychics', but are referred to by the public at large as 'psykers'. When he was five, he was brought to the attention of the GPDA (Global Psychic Development Association) after predicting a massive car crash, and enrolled in the prestigious Robert Mason Academy for Psychic Humans. He was formally trained by experts in both the development of his abilities and general education until the age of twenty, when he graduated from the academy with flying colours and was recommended to the NYPD to work as a detective agent. He flourished for twelve years at Precinct 105's Psychic Affairs department, and was regarded as one of the best detectives in the country due to his talent for clairsentience, analytical nature and expert investigations. His life soon took a dramatic turn for the worse, however; while accompanying a new agent to a crime scene, a drunk driver caused him to swerve wildly into the path of an oncoming truck. Panicking, the newbie (whose speciality was teleportation) hastily opened a portal in space, tearing himself and New York's finest clairsentient out of time and space.

By an almost unimaginable stroke of luck, Weathers woke up on an Earth almost identical to his own. In this reality, however, psychics weren't a recognised genetic offshoot of humanity - they didn't exist, at least according to the general public. Finding himself disoriented and alone, Weathers stalked the streets of this new Big Apple for eight months, living rough and stealing food to survive, all the while being tormented by strange visions and the loneliness that only an extra-dimensional human can feel. Then, one day, his lucky streak finally came back - the eyes of the Board swept over him, and brought him into a world more fantastic, more terrifying, than anything he could imagine.

Weathers is of average height and has a fairly slim but muscular build due to his police training and workout routine. He has short brown hair, a constant five o'clock shadow and usually smokes a cigarette. His eyes are blue, but when extensively using telekinesis, the colour becomes lighter and brighter - if pushing his powers to the absolute limit, his irises may seem to glow neon blue. In a somewhat misguided homage to the gumshoes of old, Weathers is usually dressed in a long brown coat and fedora hat (worn at a rakish angle, of course). Underneath the jacket he wears normal work clothes, usually a white shirt with police badge (for posterity), whichever-colour tie and black trousers and shoes. When caught out of work, he usually wears more casual gear - t-shirts, jeans and trainers.

Weathers is essentially a psychic. He comes from an Earth in an alternate reality, where certain people are born with a genetic quirk allowing their brains to manipulate energy through specific patterns - this can manifest itself as any number of extranormal abilities, from being able to see far-away events, instantly jump through space and time, and lift objects by will alone. However, it's rare that a psyker can ever master more than a few applications of psychic power, and most only have one or two aptitudes. Weathers is lucky enough to have two, and in the academy in which he was educated, they came under the general categories of clairsentience and telekinesis. He has a natural predisposition towards the former, and a quickly growing control over the latter.

Clairsentience, his primary psychic aptitude, could roughly be defined as ESP. It allows him to open his mind to all kinds of external input and attempt to discern information based on it. His two main talents in this area involve seeing and experiencing past and future interactions between objects (called psychometry) and remotely viewing and analysing areas and people (telesthesia). In broader terms, he can move his senses to distant points, recieve visions of the past and future, and discern exactly why a person's lucky shirt is so special to him. It is this natural talent, combined with his analytical nature, which put him on the path to becoming a detective, a career he excelled in until his ersatz relocation to this reality.

His second talent, telekinesis, speaks to the other side of Weathers' personality - the one that doesn't care for thinking and is spurred by instinctive action. It allows him to manipulate macroscopic objects with brute force and a certain degree of fine control - he can type on a laptop from across a room, but would find it far easier (and more satisfying) to throw the device through a wall. He can form shields of psychic force, wrench weaponry from the hands of assailants, and propel himself through the air at high speeds. For this reason, he never wears armour other than his clothes, and usually forgoes the use of guns and knives - he carries a mental armoury with him wherever he goes.

Weathers has trained extensively during his time as an NYPD detective, and so has skill with small firearms, close combat, driving civilian vehicles and interrogation. He also has an intensely analytical mind and a great memory, allowing him to make connections and notice things others may not. His extensive physical workout routine has resulted in an above average (but not superhuman) physical fitness and endurance.

Warthread minutia:
Weathers isn't a brute-force type character, although he can summon a lot of brute force if he wishes. He prefers to use his abilities in cunning ways to disrupt or distract his opponents before delivering the killing blow. His particular skill with clairsentience allows him several useful abilities, mostly defensive - he can often sense concealed or invisible beings, notice objects that may otherwise have been ignored (landmines, for example), and view and interpret events happening far away.

Psychometry is his main weapon where clairsentience is concerned, as it allows him to detect the psychic resonance of a person, object or area. He can, to a very limited extent, see into the future using psychometry - for example, he could determine whether a certain object will be used violently in the next hour or so, but cannot in any circumstance see further than that. He can only use this ability through a point of interaction, such as what the immediate future holds for an object, a room, or even a person. Weathers can relive the events of a hundred-year-old battle, sense present danger more accurately than others, and determine whether a person will be hostile or friendly towards him, along with dozens of other tricks. Psychometry does bestow a few sneaky offensive skills, though; for example, Weathers can exaggerate a detected psychic impression so that the next individual able to detect such things will recieve it ten- or one hundred-fold (depending on the event detected, this can result in feelings of overwhelming depression, unbearable psychic noise, or intense, calming bliss). In a similar vein, he can mentally jumble the entire psychic resonance of an area, creating intense confusion for incoming psychics.

Telesthesia is similar to psychometry, except that it focuses on the physical aspects of the world rather than the psychic - essentially it's 'second sight'. This is what allows the psychic to pick up on environmental situations that he'd usually need an instrument to detect, from secret entrances or stealthy opponents. Weathers can heighten his awareness of his surroundings, monitor remote areas, and augment his own senses (he could, for example, temporarily see into the infrared, increase his olfactory capabilities to track a scent trail, or detect radioactivity - but he can only do one of these at a time, and must consciously activate the ability). If given the chance to inspect it for a few seconds, he could discern the weakness in a weapon or piece of armour or intuitively understand the structure of an object, such as a lock or a rifle. Telesthesia makes Weathers very difficult to ambush, but please note that while he may very well see you attack him, he may not be able to defend himself; telesthesia may let him detect a bullet zipping towards his skull, but it won't help him to dodge it.

His main offensive abilities lie in telekinesis - I assume you all know what this is, but if you don't, it's basically the power to move things with your mind. Being a trained psyker, though, Weathers can use it in all sorts of areas to destroy his opponents. He's less skilled in this area than in clairsentience, but he still packs a powerful punch with it. As well as lifting (and throwing!) objects, he can create simple telekinetic objects such as walls, clubs and shields, create telekinetic copies of himself and his limbs and briefly manipulate molecules. This bestows a wide range of offensive skills to choose from - he could subject an opponent to a six-armed assault, punch someone from across the other side of a room, grapple an opponent using a telekinetic double or create a vacuum bubble by pushing air molecules out of the immediate area. Of course, he can also use telekinesis defensively in a number of ways, from creating telekinetic shields or armour to flying out of the grasp of an enemy to wrenching a weapon out of their hands.

Like all his powers, telekinesis also has limitations. While his telekinetic strength is far greater than his physical strength, Weathers can only lift objects as heavy as, say, a small car, and wouldn't be able to throw something of that size. His defense has similar weaknesses - while he can create a shield to stop bullets, it's unlikely he'd be able to react quickly enough to a sniper or a shooter he wasn't aware of.

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