Weird Science

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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Put several thousand warped minds in one place, wire up said minds to the innermost mysteries of the universe, and what's the first thing they're gonna do? The answer, and the Boardies know 'cos many of them were there at the time, is build Doomsday Devices. And while Weird Science aren't all doomsday-oriented these days, they do specialise in the kind of Big Science that comes with cyclotrons, big crackling tesla coils, bubbling test tubes...and, sooner or later, the words "She's gonna blow!"

Masters of volatile genius, experts in creative improvisation, and with a love of anything that can be made to produce vast amounts of energy, it isn't a product of these labs if it doesn't have the word "reactor" in there somewhere - although occasionally a fad for chemical power cells or antimatter batteries rears its head. Or rears a head, since there are biologists in there too. The WS annexes aboard the Funky Horror sport some of the heaviest bulkheads aboard, and they see regular testing whenever some bright spark decides the best way to make a cranky experiment work is to simply add more power.

Silliness aside (although most WS personnel prefer to think of it as their Great Works), Weird Science had its beginnings with the industrial revolution and mankind's creation of tools far more powerful than himself. Not willing to be outdone, many Boardies immediately raced to put scientific principles to good use...only to be laughed at by their weirder contemporaries, most of whom could outdo even the most bizarre contraption with ease. For many years, "Big Science" was simply considered BS, much to the chagrin of the Boardies who specialised in it.

And then along came the Adversary, who viewed weird superpowers as just so many rabbits out of hats, and the ranks of Weird Science's detractors were rather abruptly thinned...and shortly thereafter followed FLEET, who were quite willing to tolerate 99 insane ideas to get the occasional work of sheer genius, and spread this attitude among the Boardies they trained. Vindication bred enthusiasm, and enthusiasm has bred...quite a lot of things, really, but the biology labs have remained remarkably intact. Probably because they're built out of the same stuff as the physics labs.

Gleefully happy to be left alone with their work, unless they've decided it's time to unleash a prototype on the evils of the world, Weird Scientists warm the cockles of many Boardies' hearts. After all, they're having fun, they get all the tesla coils they could ever want, they regularly blow stuff up (or cover it in carnivorous paperclips, turn it inside-out, etc etc), and – most importantly – they're on our side.

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