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the inventor and physics expert

Real name: Unrevealed
Species: Homo sapien
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown--appears to be in his early to mid 20's
Appearence: 5'10", Normal build, 175 lbs. Brown hair, short classinc style, parted on the right. Icon_wink.gif Complexion is "Indoors in a lab all day" white. Icon_biggrin.gif (See Avatar for noncombat clothing or a white lab coat can always be added, battle armor described below)
He likes Waffles for breakfest. Icon_razz.gif

Background: (All information herein is previously unrevealed.) Wildmartin is a student of science. He wants to know everything and even as a child couldn't stand being stumped. This led him on quite a merry jaunt throuh not only time and space, but realities as well. He spent years studying the technologies and skills of all those who we might consider fantasy. While much of what he learned didn't transfer directly from one reality to the next due to diferences in the laws of physics, some of it did. Even that which didn't had allowed him a new perspective in accomplishing the same results using different methods. All this years of study paid off for Wildmartin as he exersied not only his mind but his body, learning martial arts from the best of the best. The time spent travelling is uncertain as he himself was outside of time and did not age. It could have been years or hundreds of years, no one will ever know. Returning home Wildmartin discovered the Boards and assumed a place there. He was one of the first to join the famed Urban's Quills and still maintains the banner for Order despite the Quills' recent loss of strength. The enigmatic Urban is who gave Wildmartin his nanites. Recently, Wildmartin has been doing quite a bit of freelance work for Fleet and did not realize until later the scope of of the Evil Admiral's ambitions. His genius is on parallel with minds such as Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom), but some would argue his great experience gives him the edge.

Expertise: Wildmartin is an expert in physics and especially enjoys making theoritcal physics into applied physics. He apparently has the Inventor's Gene (See General Protection Fault) because he is always working on some new gadget, as he likes to call them. Wildmartin also is quite profficient in Chemistry and Biology and most other fields to be honest. However, his biggest breakthroughs have been in and will continue to be in efficient energy use. Some of his past designs currently in use are 70-90% efficient.

Battle Armor: While his old suit was mostly defensive, his recently revealed new combat suit has yet to be tested to its limits. The flaw that allowed Teresias tmpory access to Wildmartin's brain has been remedied and no longer neurally connecting to the suit may have the undesired effect of slightly slowed down performance. This new armor integrates Wildmartin's trademark shades (see avatar) which incorporate a Heads Up Display (H.U.D.) that details various sensor scans, terrain layouts and alternate radiation and light spectrums. The graviton belt is also incorporated that allows Wildmartin to vary the effect of gravity on his persona. (Think making gravity more or less with the touch of a few buttins.) His new and improved personal shield is virtually impenetrable by force because it absorbs energy used against it and rechannels it into the shield. Psionic shielding is built in to the helment. It is also rumored that the power source for this new system is a one-of-a-kind generator that can out put enough power to put a super nova to shame. If this is true. Wildmartin's elaborate designs have proved to be only of limited use against mystical attacks.

Weapons: As Wildmartin has a strong ethical code he does not use lethal force. Instead he tries to incapacitate or capture his opponents. This has led to some very interesting and adaptive equipment. His main weapon is his Battle Staff. Composed of an extremely strong alloy of adamantium and a homemade compound this staff has a vibranium core allowing it to absorb and channel energy, normally electricity. It also telescopes down to a palm-sized bar which is stored either in a wrist compartment of his armor or on his belt when in street clothes. He also has several energy nets, bolos and other non lethal weapons made of strong materials. He is known to carry various and sundry normal weapons, but only uses them against non-sentient objects and creatures. Some of his favorite gadgets are the molecular reconstruction device and the Expanded storage transcender (the "bag" of WM's "bag of gadgets" which transcends normal 3-D space).

Ship: (I can't remember the order of the name and I can't find the thread I first posted it in) His ship is the primary location for Spectrum, one of the few sentient computers in existence. Spectrum is the first quantum computer and the predictve ablities of this technology help Wildmartin plan for almost all eventualities. This tech is also incorporated into his HUD, allowing him to counter an opponents moves before he makes it. Many a time an enemy has said after hand-to-hand combat that it was as if WM was reading my mind. Spectrum assumed a female personality and her intelligence is currently undefined as quantum computing uses subatomic particles as the processing power. It is not known whether destroying the ship would destroy Spectrum, however she has informed WM that she plans to keep a backup stored in subspace, just in case.

Nanites: WM posseses UQ nanites which he has since modified for "security" reasons. Before injection, WM was as breakable a human as anyone else. Now he can shrug off almost any physical wound. The nanites are EMP resistant and if de-activated do not effect Wildmartin, as he is still organic and the nanites are programed to help, not control. Simple objects like molecule thin blades and such can be created. Complex forms such as energy weapons take a great deal of concentration and leave the user mentally exhausted. However, Wildmartin rarely uses the construction ability, even when without his armor. The nanites give Wildmartin a slight increase in strength speed and agility, but as that he was extremely weak before this has only boosted him to that of an athletic person.

Strengths: Technological and strategal superiority. Wildmartin's motto is "Be ready for anything." His fighting skills are advanced but he is by no means a master. Without the predictive abilities of the HUD he could hold his own against most human "normal" fighters. While Wildmartin is a master strategist, his tactical skills are a bit lacking and are only made up by the suggestions of Spectrum in large scale battles.

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