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Name : Wraith

Known Board Associations : Speculation, M-Div


Wraith -was- a minor mage with a talent for getting into places he shouldn't, up until a glitch in the early RESPAWN system led to a change in his entire physical makeup. He is now a creature of spiritual energy rather than more mundane matter, being naturally incorporeal and nearly invisible unless he wills himself to stay solid. This has made him extremely useful for getting information on those few places Speculation cannot easily see into, so Wraith spends most of his time on one information gathering field assignment or another. Thanks to being confused for one so often, he has a seething hatred of the mindless undead, and especially for those necromancers who dare to try to command him like one of their minions.


Incoporeality allows Wraith to pass through physical objects such as walls and barriers, although barrier spells, wards, and certain high-energy containment fields stop him with ease. He still has lesser magical abilities, but mostly uses them for communication, concealment, and travel purposes, lacking the brute strength for the major combat magics. As the higher-tech weaponry does not take well to being phased in and out of the laws of physics, Wraith's chosen weapons are rather archaic compared to FLEET's favorite toys. He carries a handgun on his person, usually a heavy revolver, and keeps a sabre in a handy dimensional pocket when wearing it would be awkward. His POST, an archaic model some four revisions below the current mk. 10, is outfitted for undercover work and as such appears in the form of a simple leather-bound dayplanner, the sort that anyone might commonly carry.

Physical Description.

Wraith is a tall and fairly heavily built man, usually dressed in simple, comfortable clothing in earth tones. The only constant is a rather battered duster in dark brown, with the Board lightning bolt patch on the shoulder. Shoulder length dark brown hair, pulled back in a low ponytail and a well-groomed full beard contrast rather sharply against pale skin, and the eyes beneath his heavy eyebrows are brown as well.


Although he is ever the quiet observer while on assignment, Wraith is rather more obviously a Boardie among his peers. Friendly, with a dry sense of humor and a talent for showing up in your blind spot when you least expect it. If drawn into battle, Wraith fights with a very black sense of humor and an unshakable loyalty to his fellow Boardies and the Goddess. After all, this is why he's cheated death so many times, is it not?

Identifying Tics: Heavily sarcastic when under stress. Cannot resist the urge to snark in the style of MST3K. Will slip into an country accent when amused or angry. Very prone to being killed dramatically. RESPAWN -hates- him for some reason, and will invariably hose up his profile every chance it gets.

Other notes : If forced into combat for some reason, Wraith's signature style is sword in the right hand and revolver in the left.

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